Sunday, June 02, 2013

Children Of God - 2013 - We Set Fire To The Sky

Children Of God are a five piece punk band from Orange County, California, USA. We Set Fire The Sky is their fifth release. They combine elements of grindcore, powerviolence and the heavy atmosphere of doom and black metal, citing Converge, Trap Them and Neurosis as guide posts and featuring ex members of Graf Orlock and Seven Generations These songs are chaotic, brutal and heavy as can be. This is an album in a constant state of flux. One moment everything is pounding and screaming and the world is ending and then another moment there's an actual melody and then the world caves in and everything goes up in flames.

Never satisfied with whatever corner of extreme music they occupy at whatever given moment, Children of God constantly jump from one touchstone to another. This album is unpredictable, heavy in a post-metal way and as pissed off as grindcore can get. We Set Fire To The Sky is a visceral unrelenting attack that constantly throws curveballs at you, Awaken can't seem to decide if it want's to be a brooding post-metal song or a desperate, explosive hardcore blast and Unknown tempers it's attack with something approaching melody. If you like heavy hardcore that isn't afraid to make unique choices, this is the album for you.