Tuesday, October 11, 2011

newest mix

Here is another compilation of songs I've listened to between september 30th and october 8th 2011 that I think are awesome.

We start where we ended last time with 3 bands by the inestimable Dave Wenger.

The first is M Blanket. This is Dave's second band, very much a punk pop emo band. They were active from 1992-1995

We then move to what was a transition band for Dave Wenger, Ache Hour Credo. They only ever officially released two songs on two separate compilations. They are a lot moodier than M Blanket, with a darker more obviously emo sound.

After Ache Hour Credo dissolved, Dave Wenger moved to Montreal and formed Daddy's Hands. They were a lot less emo, and way more post punk. Bands like Wolf Parade or Frog Eye's claim his as a major influence, indie rock with lots of different bits, like a saxophone,  thrown in for flavour.

Then we move to a more punkish emo band called In Between.  They play a 90's kind of emocore citing Hot Water Music, Silent Majority, Turning Point and Gorilla Biscuits as their sound touch stones.

We head over to Edmonton for some more screamo courtesy of Gift Eaters. They played straight ahead screamo with some post punk influences. They hand made a bunch of their releases, doing cd-r's and tapes. I played them on my radio show today.

We head down to Los Angeles for a moment for some brand new groove based thrash metal. Five Finger Death Punch are nothing spectacular or new but these songs are decent. Like is too strong a word, I listen to this because I get my metal fix from it.

Now we get underground and screamy again with a split from two really cool bands Adaje & Shark Bait. They both play rather straight ahead screamo. The one is from Louisiana and the other is from Tennessee. Good stuff.

Now we head across the ocean to Suffolk England from some melodic hardcore courtesy of Basement. They play a kind of melodic hardcore that is becoming more and more popular these days. In the vein of La Dispute and Touché Amoré but nowhere near as aggressive. Basement is shoving a screamo sensibility into their melodic hardcore though it is mostly melodic hardcore.

And finally we end with post hardcore focused indie rock courtesy of Sainthood Reps. These guys are getting some flack because apparently its easy to pick out the influences that they wear quite openly. I still like this though, it's nothing groundbreaking but it's quite good for a debut. Makes me think of a less punk version of Make Do And Mend