Friday, November 14, 2008

Rosie the Riveter sketch

I'm not sure if this is funny or not, but it sure amused me. I hope the concepts are clear enough, nothing too complicated here

A house with 4 long corridors connecting to 4 almost turret like buildings.
Zoom into one of the turrets, it ‘s a fancy dining room table with a table set for 3. Only the mother and the son are present and they are both fuming at the empty place at the table.
Cut to the boy sitting on his bed swinging his legs. He looks at the phone in his hand, picks it up and dials. Cut to a bubble of his father and him talking to each other connected by a telephone cord.
“We missed you at dinner”
“I was busy”
“We both know where you were”
“Look, now isn’t the best time.”
“I’m coming over”
“Now is not a good time jimmy!”
“I don’t care, I ‘ll see you soon!”

The boys circle vanishes and the man’s expands to reveal the entire room. He is lying next to his wife in bed. They are both sweaty and naked. He looks at her “That was Jimmy, he’ll be here in a minute.”
Jimmy kicks down the door and is immediately embarrassed. He straightens himself and accuses his dad “So where were you for dinner?” His wife takes up the tone and starts asking the same thing.
slides out from under the bed and winks. Cut to next scene