Friday, February 03, 2017

Car Boys #24 - Nick and Griffin Climb the Tower of Barbs

Car Boys is a YouTube series hosted by Nick Griffin and Griffin McElroy. Together they play BeamNG.Drive, a driving simulator with unique soft body physics that Nick & Griffin use to generate vehicular body horror. They also do a podcast called Cool Games Inc where they improve/ruin video game ideas.

Necro - 2016 - Adiante (LP)

Necro is a three piece psychedelic hard rock band from MaceiĆ³, Brazil. Adiante is their LP. Necro play an eclectic brand of psychedelic music bringing in equal parts hard rock, proto & doom metal. They start with a heavy bottom end and then layer riffs and organ fills on top. The The singer, Lillian Lessa, has a versatile voice that is equally at home shouting the point home overtop of some riffs or floating along melodically with the softer jams. The opening salvo of Orbes, Adiante and Azul Profundo lays out where Necro is coming from and going.

Orbes comes galloping out of the gate with a groovy proto-metal riff before launching into the cosmos while the title track brings out the cowbell and slide guitar in service of a southern boogie rock tune with some heavier guitars bringing up the rear and Azul Profundo starts off with an insular shuffle before building with some doom and then tearing it all down with some scat singing and jamming. If you're looking for some 70's influenced psychedelic hard rock Necro's Adialante will serve well.

Cadaveres - 2016 - The Mother Of All Tales (Official Music Video)

Cadaveres is a metalcore band from Hungary. The Mother Of All Tales is taken from their most recent LP The Fifth House.