Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kaoru Nagis - 2013 - Concessive

Kaoru Nagis is a seven piece screamo band from Annandale, Virginia, USA. Concessive is their debut EP. They feature current members of: Caust, Perfect Future, Cape Farewell, Carved Our Names in Snow, Kilgore Trout and x-members of Studying, Solomon Solomon, Age Sixteen. Kaoru Nagis plays a chaotic, powerviolence influenced brand of screamo. These songs never sit still, exploding in all directions at all times. Reminds me of early Loma Prieta and Ampere. These songs can go from a chug, to complete chaos, to melody and back in the space of a breath. If you like your screamo with no constants other than rage and chaos, Kaoru Nagisa's Concessive will serve quite well.