Monday, October 31, 2016

Metallica - 2016 - Atlas, Rise!

Testament - The Pale King

The Deacons - 2016 - After Dark

The Deacons are a garage rock band from Olympia, Washington. After Dark is their sophomore EP, follow up to last year's Beat Up The World. The Deacons play a fuzzed out, slightly punked up brand of garage rock.

These are angsty rock & roll songs being blasted out of a garage with the requisite anger and distortion. The songwriting is a step up from the last EP, most of these songs have actual hooks that will burrow into your brain. Here's where I would normally list my favourite songs but there's no need with an EP this solid. With After Dark The Deacons have crafted an excellent step forward and followup making me anxious to hear what comes next.