Monday, April 24, 2017

Abrasive - 2017 - Book Of Sin (Bandcamp)

Abrasive is a death metal band from Germany. Book Of Sin is their latest LP available from Rebirth The Metal Productions. Abrasive play brutal, old school death metal and continue that trend on their fifth LP. Highlights include Unspoken, Glorify and Face The Abyss.

Madchild - 2017 - Topcat (Music Video)

Madchild is a Canadian rapper currently based in Los Angelese. He is currently releasing singles onto youtube in preparation for his latest solo LP The Darkest Hour. The latest single to drop is produced by DJ Rob The Viking, responsible for almost all the classic Swollen Members tracks. Madchild and Rob always bring out the be(a)st in each other and this track is no exception.

Felo De Se - 2016 - Ursa Major (Playthrough Video)

Felo De Se is a melodic death metal band from Belgium. Ursa Major is taken from their sophomore release Fidelis In Se EP.