Monday, November 19, 2012

The Concrete Summer - Glass Bones, Paper Skin

The Concrete Summer are a 5 piece emo band from Erie Pennsylvania. They have released one EP called Glass Bones, Paper Skin and it is one of the best albums I've heard an awhile. The music tends toward the sadder, more melodic and epic side of emo as opposed to more chaotic, hardcore focused variants. There are multiple vocalists and they are all awesome, but the one thing that really drew me in and hooked me is Julia's beautiful voice. She can be quiet, contemplative and sad before transitioning into a beautifully soaring melodic arc then transitioning back into a more quiet contemplative mode. My two favourite songs, Revvis and The Little Prince both work that formula to great reward. Some songs have tapping, some have a more raucous guitar tone, some have soaring vocals while some have gruffer vocals and shouts while all the songs are awesome.  You can listen for free below and bug the people at Driftwood Records to repress their EP.