Sunday, October 25, 2015

Water Canvas - 2015 - Haunter

Water Canvas is a four piece emo band from Brighton, UK. Haunter is their second EP. Water Canvas play an intriguing brand of emo incorporating some elements of alt rock. I first heard of Water Canvas last year when they released their debut EP At Least. I was immediately hooked, I am a sucker for a powerful new band willing and able to carve out their own space. The singer has a gruff voice also capable of some melody while the band behind him conjures up haunting & driving dark atmosphere. Water Canvas took everything great about their debut EP, improved the songwriting and kept moving forward. It is more streamlined and straightforward without losing the compelling edge of their music Highlights of this EP include the title track, Cape Town and Birthdays. If you're looking for some dark, moody, anxiety focused emo to drive real fast to, Water Canvas' Haunter will serve well.