Thursday, July 10, 2014

Don't Stop Or We'll Die - 2014 - Gorgeous

Don't Stop Or We'll Die is a three piece comedy indie pop band from Los Angelese, California, America. Gorgeous is their debut LP. Don't Stop Or We'll Die consists of Michael Cassady, actor and comedian on piano and vocals, Harris Wittels, writer and stand up comic, on drums and backing vocals and Paul Rust, comedian and writer, on bass and vocals. Don't Stop or We'll Die have made multiple appearances as both a band and individual comedic performers on the podcast Comedy Bang BangDon't Stop Or We'll Die are all funny and there are definitely some funny songs on here but first and foremost this is catchy, piano driven pop music. Songs like Good Old Boys kick up a big noise for a three piece while The President's Beer and Charleston Chew are up tempo and ridiculously catchy. Other highlights include basically the whole album, all of these songs will get stuck in your head. If you're looking for some high energy indie pop that just happens to be funny a lot of the time, Don't Stop Or We'll Die's Gorgeous will serve well.