plugins and extensions

This page will have links to plugins and extensions for various browsers that will enchance your internet experience, to say the least.

First up is Media Hint. Media Hint is a plugin for both chrome and firefox that allows, at the very least Canadians to access Hulu. I haven't tried other places, but it supposedly lets you into places like pandora or

The other essential extension is Download Helper. Only available on firefox because google isn't a fan of anything that allows you to download youtube videos. This extension allows you to download just about anything that streams, my favourites being youtube videos as well as music on bandcamp. If it streams, it can probably be downloaded through this extension.

Even though I have it disabled on a lot of sites I'm still a fan of Adblock (Chrome...Firefox). Simple concept, blocks ads on the internet.

The other half of adblock that I still use on a lot of sites is Flashblock (Chrome...Firefox). By default it blocks all flash animations, no more having to hunt down where that stupid music is coming from when you load a page.

One of the best extensions for finding new stuff and killing time online is StumbleUpon (Chrome...Firefox) Press the stumble button and get taken to a random website guided by your interests.

And finally an extension that allows you to raise money while you browse the internet, Tab For A Cause. At this point it's only for chrome but I'm sure they're working on a firefox version. Whenever you open a new tab the extension loads an advertisement and all that money goes to charity

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