Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Slippertails - 2014 - There's A Disturbing Trend

Slippertails is a punk rock duo from central New Jersey. There's A Disturbing Trend is their new LP. Slippertails play a noisy brand of lofi punk rock garnering physical and sonic comparisons to Frank Black. The singer has an atonal talking style capable of an emotive whine but never ventures much beyond those territories while the guitar churns out somewhat melodic, generally very distorted old school punk rock. These songs are as interested in crawling along at glacier speed wallowing in distortion and noise as they are in saddling a mid tempo, shifting riff with distorted vocals and riding it into the dust. Highlights include Hip New Jerk, Walk, Will Peel You Open and Altar Wine. If you like your punk with a little sludge and a focus on doing what feels good, Slippertails' There's A Disturbing Trend will serve well.