Saturday, June 25, 2016

Deathsticks - BSHC Split EP- 2016

Deathsticks is a self described garage noise rock band from Whitby.
BSHC or Bullshit Hardcore Band is two dudes and a drum machine playing jammy lofi punk rock.

Slægt - 2015 - Beautiful And Damned

Slægt is a four piece blackened metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Beautiful And Damned is their sophomore LP. Beautiful And Damned is consistent from beginning to end regardless of the genre Slægt is playing in. Slægt play a brand of metal mashing together demonic black metal vocals, epic thrash metal riffs and a sense of evil and doom from black metal that combines into a compelling, surprisingly melodic heavy metal. The one exception is the acoustic, instrumental ballad Church Of The Night. It is a downright pretty acoustic song that has no relationship to the metal that surrounds it. The highlight for me is the opening track Move In Chaos, it doesn't feel like it's nearly seven minutes long. The riffs come hard and heavy, the vocalist is in top, demonic form and the whole song coalesces into a nearly out of control blackened thrash whirlwind. If you're looking for some black metal with thrash riffs, Slægt's Beautiful And Damned will serve well.