Sunday, April 06, 2014

War Emblem - 2014 - Constant Defeat

War Emblem is a four piece hardcore punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America. Constant Defeat is their debut LP. Members of War Emblem have also played in Kill the Man Who Questions, Saetia, Yo Man Go, Off Minor and more. War Emblem plays a straight ahead, no punches pulled brand of hardcore punk, they are fast without sacrificing heaviness for speed or vice versa. There's just enough riffage to pull you in but not enough to take away from the slamming nature of these songs. Highlights include Spoils Of War, Frustration, Nuke It From Orbit, Paths, (Ready To) Bleed and Flames. If you like your hardcore battering and heavy, War Emblem's Constant Defeat will serve well.