Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Deceitful Conspiracy - 2016 - Abtu

Deceitful Conspiracy is a heavy metal band from Ballinluig, Scotland. Abtu is their debut recording. Deceitful Conspiracy is the musical  brainchild of Ryan Sturrock with help from Rory Troup, Aidan Hood and Strachan Barr. Deceitful Conspiracy play instrumental progressive metal.

There is no djent and very little uninspired noodling, this is streamlined riff focused heavy metal. This LP could very easily fall into the pitfalls of progressive metal but there are actual songs and a driving rhythm section to keep everything moving forward. This would appear to be a concept album but that remains vague when only given song titles. Highlights include Journey To Abtus Kingdom, War, The Last Act Of Humanity and Collapse Of Creation. With Abtu, Deceitful Conspiracy have crafted a progressive, trashy debut.