Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bullnettle - 2016 - Bullnettle

Bullnettle is a three piece punkish garage rock band from Portland, Oregan. Bullnettle is their debut LP, released by Dirt Cult Records. Members have also played in This is my fist!, The Beauty Shop, A.C.P, Manipulation, The Mushuganas, Ambition Mission, The Blackouts, The Arrested and The Ian Nose Project. Bullnettle play an energetic brand of lofi garage rock that would have fit nicely on college rock playlists when that still meant something specific. Everything, including lead singer Annie Saunders' vocals are wrapped in fuzz but generally stays on the melodic side. Annie has a great urgent but still melodic shout that she puts to great effect while distortion envelopes the driving rhythm section. Highlights include Animal Farm, No Grit, The Ditch, Ghosts and Red Dog.