Sunday, March 02, 2014

Big Ups - 2014 - Eighteen Hours Of Static

Big Ups is a four piece punk rock band from New York City, New York, America. Eighteen Hours Of Static is their debut LP. Big Ups play a frenetic brand of emo incorporating elements of noise rock, hardcore and post-rock, they are a band wound very tightly, exploding as carefully as they can.

This is the sound of a band in a dank, dark basement somewhere hammering out their tunes. Big Ups goes from wirey emo to muscly punk pop to slacker style indie rock and back without missing a beat while the singer is able to conjure hooks seemingly out of nowhere, shouts like his life depends on it and brings some energy to the talk singing parts. Highlights include TMI, Disposer , Justice, Goes Black, and Fine Line.

 If you like your punk rock to gleefully skip between genres while staring at and directly confronting the darkness and evils in life or just like some songs to jump and down to, Big Up's Eighteen Hours Of Static will serve well.