Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fatigue - 2015 - Fatigue

Fatigue is a hardcore punk band from San Fransisco, California. Fatigue is their debut EP released by Warthog Speaks. Members have played in Sydney Ducks, Scalpled, Bricked Assassin & Young Offenders. It was recorded by Jack Shirley (deafheaven, Joyce Manor, Loma Prieta, Comadre and so many more) and mastered by Jack Control  (Severed Head Of State, World Burns To Death and so many others). Fatigue play a hard hitting, no punches pulled Oi inspired brand of hardcore punk. The guitars know when to hammer a riff home and when to just lay back and pound the groove into the dust.

There are no punk rock cliches here, just inspired, heavy ass hardcore punk that knows how to do everything right. From the opening churning of the bass in Batface to the closing howl of distortion on Hordes this record does not let up for an instant. Each and every song is a highlight in it's own way. I could go on about how hard the guitars are and how pissed off the vocalist is but the best thing to do is to turn your speakers up real loud and blast this incredible record. Highly recommended.