Monday, May 30, 2011

Mixy Mix Mix

This time round we'll run through 42 songs by  18 different artists in just under two hours. Time for hardcore and sonic youth influenced noise!

We get things off to a skate punky start with Abserdo who play a darkened hardcore with an awesome skate feel. Easily my favourite song title in this mix is Hit Cops With Skateboards. Fun stuff.

Then we move back in time a little for some Sonic Youth influenced noisy post rock from Broken Water. Say What's On Your Mind reminds me of newer Sonic Youth but focused on grafting strange textures together than just random noisy noodling. Even the instrumental Heal seems like they're still talking.

Then we shift into the first of two emo bands here, Candle. They put out a pair of records in the early 90's and their singer went on to scream for Yaphet Kotto. If you like 90`s emo you'll be down with this.

You can get back on your skateboard again with a pair of tracks from lo fi hardcore skate punk outfit Cerebral Ballzy. I hate the hipster audience they seem to attract but Sk8 All Day is a better skate punk song than most of what has been labelled that for about five years. Minor Threat and Bad Brains is all over this awesome stuff

Now over to Germany for some hardcore courtesy of Carol. I imagine this is baloney but to make up for having such an girly name they have a really tough, thick guitar tone. I may say this a lot but this screaming really sounds like the man's being dragged to hell groin first. Awesome stuff that is almost Beyond Belief (I can not believe how lame I am)

Things get noisy but stay punky with a split 7" from Assassins 88 & TV Colours. Assassins 88 play a lo fi punk pop with drums that try and smash your head into little bits while TV Colours throw some programmed drums, walls of guitar and wailing vocals at you until your begging for mercy on the floor. Thoroughly lo fi and thoroughly ass kicking.

We step slightly into some emo for one track from a Discord post hardcore emo band called Bluetip. Their first album was produced by Ian MacKaye and if you don't know that is you really shouldn't be reading this lol. More from them on a mix in the future I  can almost promise.

We stick with the emo thing but get noisier and and head to Richmond Virgina for some Action Patrol. Emocore more than just emo I would say, makes me think of Shotmaker and Ache Hour Credo. Good stuff. Also, they were complete goofs.

Things get screamy for a song with the awesomely named Yossarian Is Drowning. They were from Britain and played emo violence with a twinkly touch. Think maybe Monument with moments of Loma Prieta if that makes any sense.

We head back to Germany for a pair of tracks from Akephal who play a sludgy thick hardcore with an emo edge to them.

Things get arty for a little with San Diego's  Clikatat Ikatowi. This stuff is a little weird. There is screamo, post hardcore and art punk all fighting tooth and nail for supremacy over the rest of the band. Always interesting and usually pretty good.

Things get much less experimental with Arson Our Savior. They play metalcore which at times is reaching for a more melodic place than you would expect. If you didn't know these kids where 18 and this was their debutep you would be forgiven for not caring. I hope they can progress enough as artists to fulfill the potential I'm hearing here.

Things get a tad more musically interesting if not audible with Son Skull. Time for some more lo fi hardcore punk, this time from Olympia Washington and fronted by a lady. Sweet stuff that is a tad noisy for me. I like thick heavy hardcore not frantic, feedback filled screaching hardcore. Still good though.

Things get even more experimental with Altered States. These two untitled songs are almost ambient but they build and change too much to be that. Experimental post rock something or other. Not sure what to call it but these are the best songs on their EP.

And then we're back to hardcore with Walls from Portland/Seattle. Yup. Hardcore. Fun times.

Pentimento on the other hand do seem to be having fun. You kinda have to be if you're playing pop punk. Doesn't work if you're all angry and pouty. So if your down from this hardcore this should help.

Then from Toronto we have more noisy hardcore from Urban Blight. Maybe you can hare bands like  Agnostic Front, Negative Approach, Straight Ahead but I just hear misanthropic hate commit

And we finish with another track of heavy, evil hardcore from Selfless. Dark and evil. nuff said.

Man that was more taxing than I had initially thought. I'm going back to bed. Hopefully when I wake up mediafire won't be such a dick and let me upload my file