Thursday, April 10, 2014

Zoo Books - 2014 - Demo

Zoo Books is a three piece post-hardcore band from Cinnaminson, New Jersey, USA. Demo is their debut. Zoo Books play a mathy, twinkly brand of post-hardcore with obvious comparisons to bands like The Reptilian and Lautrec and Native. This is what I like in my post-hardcore, shouted emotional but still melodic vocals and mathy guitar riffs that skitter every which way. If you like the bracing, melodic, emo influenced stuff The Reptilian plays you will almost certainly like this. Hopefully they keep moving forward and come into their own. Highlights include Djangle Unchained, Twinkle Tappies and Why Not Scorpion?,  If you like your math rock with some post-hardcore and shouted vocals, Zoo Books' Demo will serve well. Thanks to Manic Compression.