Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Steel Inferno - 2016 - Aesthetics Of Decay (LP)

Steel Inferno is a five piece metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. Aesthetics Of Decay is their new LP. Steel Inferno play a combination of speed and thrash and the old school New Wave of British Heavy Metals. This female fronted metal band isn't breaking any new ground but they can riff and scream along with the best of em. The dual guitars are as much as a highlight as Karen's voice, they spit out riffs while keeping up with the galloping rhythm section.

Karen puts her authoritative shout to great use, aggressive enough to keep up with the dual guitars but also melodic enough to propel the songs even higher. Highlights include City Lights, Infernal Steel Brigade, To End All Wars, Defender Of The Old Way and the title track. If you have a speed or thrash metal itch that needs to be scratched, Steel Inferno's Aesthetics Of Decay will serve well.

Teramobil - 2016 - Magnitude Of Thoughts (Video)

Teramobil is a technical death metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Magnitude Of Thoughts is the title track and single of their new LP.