Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Acousma - 2013 - Acousma

Acousma is a hardcore punk band from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Acousma is their debut EP. They play a screamo influenced brand of hardcore. They have learned their lessons well and crafted a debut that comes screaming out of the gate and barely gives you a moment to catch your breath. Highlights include Evading The Pervasive, Fire Is Bright & Fire Is Clean and Ancient Transcripts.

The singer puts his voices through the paces with agonizing shrieks and a very gruff voice. Recorded live off the floor in their jam space and then sent for mixing and mastering to Will Killingsworth of  Orchid, Laceration, Bucket Full of Teeth, Clean Plate record label and Dead Air Studios. If you like your hardcore chaotic and raw Acousma will do nicely.