Friday, July 08, 2016

Frankie & Jimmy - 2016 - Death Letter EP

Frankie & Jimmy is a two piece delta slide blues band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Death Letter is their latest EP. Frankie & Jimmy play an energetic brand of delta blues. The guitar playing is fairly straight forward, foot stomping delta blues while the singer works on losing his mind while working out these classic songs. Jimmy covers his vocals in a layer of distortion that only serves to amplify the eccentric, punked up energy of Frankie on the acoustic slide guitar. Is this what happens when punks listen to and start playing the blues?

Death Letter serves to show two sides of Frankie & Jimmy. They blast through Death Letter and Sweet Home Chicago with a demented, foot stomping energy leaving on gasping for air. The EP closes out with a lackluster, full band cover of St, James Infirmary. It's not that the playing is bad, the band keeps up the standard they've set but the final song seems to lack to the energy and verve the first two songs did. If you're looking for a young, eccentric blues band to keep your eye on, Frankie & Jimmy will serve well. 

Baby Ghosts - No Ditching - 2016 - Split EP

Baby Ghosts is a four piece punk band from Salt Lake City. Return Of Bones (Part I and Part II) is their follow up to 2014's Maybe Ghosts LP.


No Ditching is a five piece punk rock band from Pity Me, Durham. Members have also played in Fashanu, Jazz in My Pants, Bear Park and Martha.