Monday, June 27, 2016

C.C.T.V. - 2015 - C.C.T.V.

C.C.T.V. is a punk rock band from Northwest Indiana. C.C.T.V. is their debut EP. There isn't much information as there doesn't appear to be an official web presence. According to Discogs members also play in: Big Zit, C.C.T.V., Carbonleak, Gun (13), Like Bats, Ooze (7), Pukeoid, Raw Nerve, Scabs (2), Wild Injuns, D-Boys (2), Shitkickers, United Positive Squadron, D.L.I.M.C., Gordon Spicer Band, Guinea Kid, Hardcore Contest, Hot Beef, Liquids (2), Night Fever (4), Public Assault, The Coneheads, The Outs, Voice Of Reason (4), Wasted Effort (2), Z-Turds.

The two best tracks are Anxiety and Paranoia, the latter is a hard driving, riff focused energetic song with squeeling keyboards while the former has a more wiry and danceable riff with the same off kilter, nervous energy. Quiet is perfectly good but nothing spectacular and Mind Control never gets its act together to be more than an oddity.C.C.T.V. play the a very similiar brand of weirdo punk rock to Coneheads. The guitars are high pitched, sounding like they are wound as tight as they can go, the drums and bass pound out a hyper rhythm while the singer floats above melodically.
If you are looking for some weirdo, Devo influenced hyper punk rock C.C.T.V.'s self titled 7" will serve well. Thanks to Cut & Paste for pointing this out.

Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid

Aesop Rock is a rapper & producer based out of Portland, Oregon. The Impossible Kid is his seventh solo LP. Facebook. Twitter. Official site.