Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To The Wind - 2013 - Empty Eyes

To The Wind are a five piece metalcore band from Seattle, Washington, USA. Empty Eyes is their debut LP and their release overall. They play a melodic brand of metalcore bringing aspects of melodic hardcore as well to temper things even more. If you enjoy metalcore and don't mind some infusion from the melodic hardcore school of songwriting this album's for you

When everything is firing on all cylinders like on Without Warning, Halfhearted and Hollow these are well crafted songs that hurtle themselves directly into the moshpit with no regards for their own personal safety. While Counterfeit and Truth & Consequence are pummeling and heavy, Downpour is almost uplifting with it's melodic guitars contrasting the rough vocals. Personally I enjoy the metalcore aspects of this more than the melodic hardcore influenced parts but it's not a totally unwelcome addition. If you like metalcore in any capacity this is recommended.