Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pussy Riot - 2016 - Straight Outta Vagina

Endless Horizons - 2016 - Cycle Funèbre

Endless Horizons is a black metal band from Quebéc, Canada. Cycle Funèbre is their new LP. Endless Horizons play a brand of black metal faithful to the demonic old school. There isn't much to say here, it's black metal done the way black metal traditionally should be done.

The singer, going by the name of Winterthrone, has an appropriately deep growl while the tremolo guitars swirl around him. There are no surprises instrumentally speaking, everything is where it should be and the atmosphere they create is suitably satanic. If you're looking for some tried and true classic black metal Endless Horizons' Cycle Funèbre will serve well.