Friday, June 13, 2014

Shin To Shin - 2014 - Shin To Shin

Shin To Shin is the solo project of Aaron "A2" Melnick. Shin To Shin is the debut EP under this name. Aaron Melnick has also played in bands like Integrity, In Cold Blood and Inmates. This EP released by A389 Recordings is 8 tracks and 22 and a half minutes of crushing 90's metallic hardcore. The basis for most of these songs is that straightforward but then the guitar leads start flying and we're off to the races. My favourite songs are the title track, Extinction and Intro and Costumes And Masks,  these songs are either crushingly heavy but never neglecting  a lead riff or riding a solid groove into the dirt. If you're looking for some heavy metallic hardcore, look no further than Shin To Shin's Shin To Shin.