Friday, June 17, 2016

Jay Arner - 2016 - Crystal Ball (video)

Accidente - 2016 - Pulso

Accidente is punk band from Madrid Spain. Formed in 2010 Pulso is their third LP, followup to 2014's Amistad Y RebeliĆ³n (read my review of said previous LP here). In the two years since the last LP Accidente has improved in nearly every way but especially in terms of songwriting and recording/production. Pulso comes exploding out of the gate with the excellent title track setting a high water mark early on. This LP expands on everything that I loved about Amistad Y RebeliĆ³n, high energy, danceable punk rock with a message. Accidente are experts at balancing the need for aggression, speed & energy with melodic vocals and inspirational & political lyrics. Here is where I would list my favourite tracks but when it's basically every song on the LP there's no point.