Monday, May 27, 2013

Capacities - 2013 - There Is No Neutral

Capacities are a four piece screamo band from New Jersey. There Is No Neutral is their third release. Previous members have also played in  Black Kites, Less Life, Birth Screams, The Assistant, This Ship Will Sink, In First Person, You and I, and The Saddest Landscape.  They are associated with Protagonist Music, How Soon Is Now, Middle Man, Melotov and Dog Knights Productions.

When the songs are firing on all cylinders these songs are whirling dervishes of energy, the only song over 2:13 is the awesomely long closer Sons Of A Silent Age. Songs like Personhood In The 21st Century and God To The Flatlanders change quickly and without looking back, compact bursts of emotional rage that come barreling out at top speed. The speedy, somewhat chaotic nature of these songs is underlined by the closer, the best and longest song on the album, the aforementioned Sons Of A Silent Age. The song is a melodic, slow burner that beautifully unfolds across six minutes If you like screamo in any capacity, there's something here for you.