Thursday, May 23, 2013

AYS - 2013 - Suburban Haze

AYS are a five piece hardcore punk band from Germany. Suburban Haze is their seventh release. They play a dual guitar heavy brand of hardcore. The double guitars allow for heavy metal styled riffs played at hardcore speeds while the singer uses his raspy shout to great results. These hardcore songs take large influence from the groove metal school,  they find a heavy groove and ride it until it collapse under the hardcore attack

On Orphans the guitar dances dizzying circles around thudding drums while the raspy throated singer screams his lungs out while Blind Faith hangs out on and returns to a chugging riff with a slight detour into a a more melodic bruiser with some sweet backing shouts. If you like heavy hardcore with a gruff drill instructor shout this will be right up your alley