Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Scam - 2014 - Fuck Off

The Scam is a punk rock band from St. Louis, Missouri, America. Fuck Off is their third release and first EP. They run the gamut from high energy punk pop into speedy street spunk into ska punk with a vicious cover of Little Richard's Tutti Frutti If you have no sense of humour or are looking for punk rock that fits nicely into genres you won't find that here. The middle fingers are firmly raised and nothing is going to stop the punk. Highlights include Peanuts, North Grand and the aforementioned Tutti Frutti. If you're looking for some high energy punk rock that takes no prisoners, The Scam's Fuck Off will serve well.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Toner - 2014 - EP

Toner is an emo band from California, USA. EP is their debut recording. Members have also played in Casket, Happy Diving and Indian Taker. Toner play a gloomy, brooding brand of emo with the vocals way down in the mix. There is a lot of post-rock and with the vocals so low in the mix it's heading in a shoegaze direction. It's both a positive and negative that these songs flow so easily into each other, if you're not paying close attention it can be hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. Bedroom Floor and Bed Drowner are my favourite songs, but this whole EP conjures an excellentl dark vibe. If you're looking for some gloomy post-rock influenced bummer punk Toner's EP will serve well.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Eu, Sozinho - 2014 - Demo

Eu, Sozinho is a three piece screamo band from Uberlândia, Brazil. Demo is their debut recording. Eu, Sozinho, which translates to I, Alone, play a straight forward brand of screamo. The guitars are slightly melodic and drive everything forward while the singer has nice desperate shout that he puts to great use. They smash together screamo and post-hardcore with just enough melody to make things catchy. This kind of demo makes me interested in what else they can produce. Eu, Sozinho's Demo will scratch your screamo itch and leave you wanting more.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quitters - 2014 - Dabootydatbe

Quitters is a four piece screamo band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Dabootydatbe is their debut EP. Quitters play a stripped down, straight ahead brand of screamo. The singer has a piercing high pitched scream and the band behind him churns out some twinkly, noodly emo that sounds like it's about to fall apart at any time. If you can stand some lofi production quality, Quitter's Dabootydatbe will scratch your screamo itch.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wet Petals - 2014 - Wet Petals

Wet Petals is a three piece screamo band from New Patlz, New York, USA. Wet Petals is their debut EP. Wet Petals play a chaotic, post-hardcore infused brand of screamo. The singer has a demonic voice that would be just as at home in a black metal band while the band behind him churns out explosive, chaotic screamo that manages to twinkle a little. There is a unpredictable, post-rock style to the songwriting that gives these songs real personality, it took a couple of listens for the album to really sink in. Highlights include Reptilian Love, Metamorphic Moon and A Soft Prenatal Landscape. If you're looking for some chaotic, explosive skramz, Wet Petals' Wet Petals will serve well.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stoop Kids - 2014 - Booster Pack

Stoop Kids is a three piece emo band from Fairfield, Connecticut, USA. Booster Pack is their new EP. Stoop Kids play a punked up brand of emo. These two songs are spry and wiry, the singer has an excellent desperate shout while the band churns out catchy garage rock influenced emo. These are two excellent songs and they leave me wanting more. Stoop Kid's Booster Pack will temporarily satiate your need for punked up emo but rightly leave you wanting more.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Water Canvas - 2014 - At Least

Water Canvas is a four piece emo band from Brighton, UK. At Least is their debut EP. Water Canvas plays a melodic, reaching brand of emo that manages to be both majestic and grounded in punk rock. There is enough post-rock here to give the songs an excellent anthemic quality but Water Canvas never strays far from catchy melodic emo. This is the kind of debut EP that makes me want to hear more, these are great songs and there is much potential here. My two favourite songs are Memorial Drive and The Opposite Of Black And White. If you're looking for some post-rock inflected emo, Water Canvas's At Least will serve well. Thanks to i think i might have everything.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Don't Stop Or We'll Die - 2014 - Gorgeous

Don't Stop Or We'll Die is a three piece comedy indie pop band from Los Angelese, California, America. Gorgeous is their debut LP. Don't Stop Or We'll Die consists of Michael Cassady, actor and comedian on piano and vocals, Harris Wittels, writer and stand up comic, on drums and backing vocals and Paul Rust, comedian and writer, on bass and vocals. Don't Stop or We'll Die have made multiple appearances as both a band and individual comedic performers on the podcast Comedy Bang BangDon't Stop Or We'll Die are all funny and there are definitely some funny songs on here but first and foremost this is catchy, piano driven pop music. Songs like Good Old Boys kick up a big noise for a three piece while The President's Beer and Charleston Chew are up tempo and ridiculously catchy. Other highlights include basically the whole album, all of these songs will get stuck in your head. If you're looking for some high energy indie pop that just happens to be funny a lot of the time, Don't Stop Or We'll Die's Gorgeous will serve well.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Punch - 2014 -Worth More Than Your Opinion

Punch is a five piece hardcore punk band from San Francisco, California, USA. They Don't Have To Believe is their 3rd LP, a corelease between 625 Thrash, Discos Huelga, and Deathwish Inc. Punch play an immediately recognizable brand of hard hitting, power violence influenced brand of socially concious hardcore punk. Really looking forward to this LP.

Sorority Noise - 2014 - Unforgettable

Sorority Noise is a four piece emo band from East Hartford, Connecticut. Unforgettable is their debut LP with a physical release courtesy of Broken World MediaStormChasers Records and Dog Knights Productions (Europe). Members of Sorority Noise have also played in Old Gray and Two Humans. Sorority Noise play a punked up brand of emo with a solid helping of indie rock. They blast through 9 songs in just over 20 minutes leaving me breathless. This is a band that already has developed their own sound, as evidenced by Nick Kwas Christmas Party; Still Shrill and Blonde Hair, Black Lungs. There is a darkly melodic undercurrent to the punk and indie rock influenced emo Sorority Noise play, these songs have a tendency towards anthemic epics that lend themselves to crowd singalongs. If you`re looking for some straight forward emo, Sorority Noise's Unforgettable will serve well.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Nancy - 2014 - (Get The) Revvup

Nancy is a punk rock two piece from Brooklyn, NYC, USA. (Get The) Revvup is their second recording. These two songs are high energy, melodic punk rock with all the stops pulled out. Reminds me of The Demonics or The Ramones, super catchy power pop played at top punk rock speed. These two songs are fast, melodic and ridiculously catchy. If you're looking for some catchy, old school power punk, Nancy's (Get The) Revvup will serve well.

Death From Above 1979 - 2014 - Trainwreck 1979

Death From Above 1979 is a two piece dance punk band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Physical World is their second LP and first after reuniting in 2011. They released their only LP You're A Woman, I'm A Machine in 2004 on Last Gang Records and broke up in 2006. They have a new LP coming called The Physical World. Get excited cause this is awesome.

Ërnia - 2014 - Demo

Ërnia is a four piece hardcore punk band from Zarautz, Basque Country. Demo is their debut recording. Members have also played in  Anestesia, Kamikaze, Dirtaa or Metralleta. Ërnia play a blistering fast brand of hardcore tightly wrapped up in a layer of crust. There is a little bit of screamo but the emphasis is on fast moving, crusty hardcore. They blast through these 7 songs in just over 15 minutes and there's not a wasted moment to be found. Here's where I would list my favourite songs but there's no point when it's virtually all of them, this is an excellent demo. If you're looking for some fast, crusty hardcore, Ërnia's Demo will serve well.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Gary - 2014 - Here Are Your Pills

Gary is a four piece emo band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, America. Here Are Your Pills is their debut ep with a physical release courtesy of Driftwood Records. Gary play an indie rock influenced slightly punky brand of emo. If Joyce Manor were less of a pop punk and more of an emo band it might sound like this. Here's where I would list my favourite songs but this whole ep is remarkably solid. The band can churn out grooving indie rock that blossoms into moments of melody while still having big riffs and songs that demand re-listening. If you're looking for some indie rock and melodic punk inflected emo, Gary's Here Are Your Pills will serve well.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Shizune - 2014 - Retro Engineering Artifacts

Shizune is a five piece screamo band from Longino, Italy. Retro Engineering Artifacts is their discography to date plus some previously unreleased songs and is being given a physical release on cassette courtesy of Driftwood Records. They write lyrics in English, Spanish and Japanese and combine a diverse set of influences into a coherent, focused somewhat chaotic screamo sound. No matter the language the singers are screaming in these are raging, explosive songs that will rip off strips of skin given half a chance. They blast through these 17 songs in just over a half hour leaving me breathless and a little overwhelmed. Highlights include Days Of Væstena; Kamchakta; Redshift; Petit Déjeuner; Weekend At Lake Vostok; Dyatlov Pass Incident, Холат-Сяхыл; MONØLITH: Fall of Nibiru and so much more. There is a lot of excellent screamo to digest here, so give Shizune's Retro Engineering Artifacts the time it needs to really sink in.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Great Sabatini - 2014 - Dog Years

The Great Sabatini is a four piece metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Dog Years is their third LP and seventh release overall. The Great Sabatini play a sometimes sludgy, sometimes doomy brand of metal on top of which they sprinkle some grindcore for energy and flavour. The singer has a rabid bark of a shout and the band churns out catchy, sharp riffs while still remaining heavy as hell not to mention a few surprisingly melodic moments.

Reach is a slow burning crawl of a metal song reaching for yet unknown heights while Periwinkle War Hammer begins with a stop and start riff before evolving into a raging monster and as demonstrated above Munera is a straight ahead heavy metal beast. Life During Wartime closes things out by bringing in a keyboard and burying the vocals in the mix making for an even more expansive sound. If you're looking for some sludgy or doomy metal that isn't afraid of stepping beyond those boundaries, The Great Sabatini's Dog Years will serve well.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Mental Distress - 2014 - Demo 2014

Mental Distress is a four piece hardcore punk band from Strasbourg, France. Demo 2014 is their debut EP. Members have also played in More Dangerous Than A Thousand Rioters, Galère and Overreact. Mental Distress play a straight forward hard hitting brand of hardcore punk that can get a little chaotic but otherwise stays pretty focused on audio destruction. The female lead singer has an excellent shout and can shriek like demons are chasing at her while the band rages behind her. If you're looking for some hardcore and can stand a little lofi demo production, Mental Distress' Demo 2014 will serve well.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Doctor Livingstone - 2014- Contemptus Saeculi

Doctor Livingstone is a five piece chaotic metal band from Montpellier, France. Contemptus Saeculi is their new LP. Members have also played in Mütiilation, Arkhon Infaustus, Hell Militia and Zoldier Noiz. Doctor Livingston play a brand of blackened heavy metal that liberally steps into chaotic hardcore and even some screamo while filling out their sound. While Doctor Livingston steps through a couple of different genres they are never anything less than crushingly heavy and dark.

 Highlights include Onze, Eat You Devour Me, By Serpents (Illumination Mea), Le, and even more importantly this whole things fits together very well as an album. This is heavy metal that knows how to bring in the best from surrounding heavy and chaotic genres. If you're looking for some rock solid, occult focused metal. Doctor Livingston's Contemptus Saeculi will serve well. Thanks to the Elementary Revolt.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Godstopper - 2014 - Children Are Our Future

Godstopper is a four piece band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Children Are Our Future is their follow up to 2012`s What Matters LP. Godstopper play a sometimes crushingly heavy brand of doom influenced noisy rock. Andy Boy is a rather straight forward noisy hard rock song while Death's Clothes is strung out to basics before building to heavy heights and An Old Photo has a stop and start mathy riff before fully applying the gas and Young Queen stomps around with a doomy melody. If you're looking for some doom influenced noisy rock, Godstopper's Children Are Our Future will serve well.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Autarkeia- Me And Goliath - 2014- Split LP

Autarkeia is a four piece screamo band from Fort Meyers, Florida. This split with Me And Goliath is their third release. They have also released a split with Cloud Rat and feature members of Jiyuna and Merkit. Autarkeia play a dark, crushing brand of screamo. These songs build to a thrashy, moody peak and then shake and themselves apart. My favourites on this side are Spectacles and Concrete Walls.

Me And Goliath is a three piece screamo band from Kent, UK. The split with Autarkeia is their third release. They have also put out a split with Grave Shovel...Let's Go! Me And Goliath play a hardcore influenced brand of screamo bringing in some chaos to fuel things. These songs move along as pretty straight forward screamo until the chaos starts as the ground collapses beneath them. My favourites on this side are Y.A.M.E.A.E.W. and Captains Curse. If you're looking for some heavy, intense and chaotic screamo, Autarkeia and Me And Goliath's Split courtesy of React With Protest will serve well.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Blue Friend - 2014 - I Will Be Your Blue Friend

Blue Friend is a four piece screamo band from Tokyo, Japan. I Will Be Your Blue Friend is their debut LP. A physical release is planned with their own Life Is Perfect Records producing CD's and vinyl courtesy of Dog Knights Productions.

Cheap Girls - 2014 - Famous Graves

Cheap Girls is an indie rock trio from Lansing, Michigan. Famous Graves is their fourth LP and the first to be released by Xtra Mile Recordings. Cheap Girls play a powerpop and alt rock influenced brand of indie rock. They have a very warm, large sound for a trio, these songs are melodicaly expansive and will fill any room they're in. Think midwestern garage rock  with the unabashed energy and melodic focus of powerpop and you won't be far off. Cheap Girls has toured with bands like Against Me!, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Bomb the Music Industry!, Rick Johnson, Mikey Erg, Two Cow Garage, and The Hold Steady and released music with Rise Records, Paper & Plastick, Quote Unquote Records, No Idea Records, Art of the Underground, Suburban Home, Bermuda Mohawk and  Los Diaper. Highlights include Slow Nod, Amazing Grace, Pure Hate, Short Cut Days, Man In Question, Splintered, Thoughtless Senseless and 7-8 Years.  If you're looking for some guitar driven powerpop influenced indie rock Cheap Girls Famous Graves will serve well.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Veruca Salt - 2014 - The Museum of Broken Relationships / It's Holy

Veruca Salt is a four piece alt rock band Chicago, Illinois, USA. The Museum Of Broken Relationships / It's Holy is their first recording in eight years and the first with the original lineup since 1997. They released these two songs on 10" vinyl for Record Store Day and recently released a video for It's Holy.

Kikagaku Moyo - 2014 - Forest Of Lost Children

Kikagaku Moyo is a five piece psychedelic rock band from Tokyo, Japan. Forest Of Lost Children is their second LP and third release overall, with a physical release courtesy of Beyond Beyond Is Beyond. Kikagaku Moyo, or Geometric Shapes in English, play a riff heavy, melodic brand of psychedelic rock that stays rooted in rock but isn't afraid of stretching out into some jams. This is the sound of a very confident band that knows the sound they want and having no trouble settling into it. They are garnering comparisons to bands like Acid Mothers Temple and The Incredible String Band. Highlights include Semicircle, Kodama, Smoke And Mirrors, Hem and Streets Of Calcutta. If you're looking for some progressive, psychedelic rock and roll, Kikagaku Moyo's Forest Of Lost Children will serve well.

Your Weekly Madness S02E08

The latest episode of the official A Place To Burn podcast is finally live, Your Weekly Madness S02E08. This week features music from Bleak Bulge, Canyons, Creeper, Waxahatchee, Polar Bear Club, Vinny Vegas, Slippertails and Truman. The political corner continues with another excerpt from Emma Goldman's Anarchism & Other Essays, as does the comedy corner continue with another excerpt from Tina Fey's Bossypants and the poetry corner this week is Gabe Moses performing How To Make Love To A Trans Person. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Respire - 2014 - Demonstration

Respire is a six piece post-rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Demonstration is their debut EP. Members have also played in bands like Foxmoulder, Delo Truda, Tell-Tale Hearts, Quone and Araby. Respire play an experimental blackened brand of screamo influenced post-rock. Some songs stretch out forever with a spoken word low in the mix while others are crushingly heavy and explode with cathartic rage while still others conjure a haunting, almost shrieking melody overtop of a self destructing heavy riff. These songs twist and explore new avenues just as quickly as the trumpet player can start to blow. If you're looking for some experimental post-rock, Respire's Demonstration will serve well.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Flowers Taped To Pens - 2014 - Flowers Taped To Pens

Flowers Taped To Pens is a four piece screamo band from San Diego, California. Flowers Taped To Pens is their 3rd EP and their fourth release overall. It was pressed on vinyl by Driftwood Records, Ozona Records, and Ronald Records. Members have also played in Avari and Meryl Streaker. Flowers Taped To Pens play a straight forward, lofi brand of screamo that shakes and shudders it's way out of the garage it was recorded in. There are gut wrenching shouts that develop into high piercing shrieks, vaguely melodic gang backing vocals, and even some spoken word while the guitars rage and occasionally twinkle a little. Here's where I would list my favourite songs but there's no point when it's literally all of them. This is an album you can leave on repeat and rise and fall with the chaotic waves of sound. If you're looking for some excellent screamo, Flowers Taped To Pens Flowers Taped To Pens will serve well. (Label Submission)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Cakes Da Killa - 2014 - Hunger Pangs

Cakes Da Killa is an underground rapper from New York City, New York, USA. Hunger Pangs is his third mixtape. The mixtape features production from Wildkatz, SXYLK, Joe Lalich, LSDXOXO, Poisonous Relationship and Hanz Kurkyl with guest vocals from Terry Lovette. It is easy to lump Cakes in with the wave of queer rappers like Le1f or Mykki Blanco but first and foremost Cakes is a lyrical monster. He brings it hard and fast on every single track. Last year's mixtape The Eulogy raised both the stakes and the expectations and Cakes Da Killah does nothing but bring the fire for almost a half hour straight. If you're into hip hop or rap in any capacity, Cakes Da Killa's Hunger Pangs is essential listening.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Congratulations - 2014 - Demo

Congratulations is a three piece emo band from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Demo is their debut EP recorded and mixed by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios. Congratulations play a brand of emo that's been rammed straight into indie rock and being played at full volume out of speakers that are about to fail. the lofi, blown out style works very well, coating everything in a gentle layer of fuzz. I would list my favourite songs but there's no point when it's basically all of them. If you're looking for some blown out but still catchy emo and indie rock Congratulations Demo will serve well. Thanks to One Path For Me

Riff Raff Ft. Childish Gambino - Lava Glaciers

Riff Raff is a rapper from Houston, Texas, USA. His new album Neon Icon, his major label debut will be released by Diplo's Mad Decent. Childish Gambino is the rap name of actor and stand up comedian Donald Glover, he starred in Community and released his second LP Because The Internet in 2013 which he continues to promote on his Deep Web Tour.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Josh Homme - Villains Of Circumstance

Queens Of The Stone Age is a five piece rock band from Palm Desert, California, USA. Their last LP was ...Like Clockwork in 2013. The lead singer, guitar player and songwriter Josh Homme played an acoustic set recently, debuting a new song and hinting at a new LP.

The Harponist & The Axe Murderer - 2014 - A Real Fine Mess

The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer are a two piece blues band consisting of Shawn 'the Harpoonist' Hall on vocals and harp and Matthew 'the Axe Murderer' Rogers on guitar and drums though this album features a plethora of female backing vocals and keyboards courtesy of Tom Heuckendorff. A Real Fine Mess is their third LP. I had the extreme pleasure of seeing them play the Kitchener Blues Festival in 2013 when they were touring Checkered Past and was completely and utterly blown away. This is classic, old school Muddy Waters & Willie Dixon style blues but run through a modern filter adding plenty of soul on the way. Easily one of the best albums of the year regardless of genre. Here is where I would list my favourite song but literally every single song on this LP is awesome in it's own way. If you like blues or rock and roll in any capacity The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer's A Real Fine Mess will serve well, highly recommended.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Joyce Manor - Schley

Joyce Manor is a five piece punk rock band from Torrance, California. Their new LP Never Hungover Again is available for pre-order courtesy of Epitaph Records.

Stranger - 2014 - Demo

Stranger is a four piece punk rock band from Boston, Massachusetts. Demo is their debut release. Stranger play a an aggressive brand of punk bringing together the post-rock and death rock. The guitars are propulsive and distorted but never overwhelm and the female singer has an excellent pissed off shout which would be just as at home in a straight ahead hardcore punk band. They blast through these five songs in less than 1 3 minutes, garnering comparisons to bands like Sex Cross, Criminal Code, and Nervous.One of the best demo's of the year. If you're looking for some forceful, gothy punk rock Stranger's Demo will serve well. Thanks to Manic Compression.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Weird Al Yankovic - Teaser

Fixed Casanovas In Heat - 2014 - Belvidere/Destiny St

Casanovas In Heat is a four piece punk rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Belvidere/Destiny St is their second release, courtesy of Katorga Works. Casanovas In Heat play a brand of old school melodic punk. Belvidere is beyond catchy, good luck ever getting it out of your head again and Destiny St brings the backing vocals and some melodic lead riffs. If you're looking for catchy, high energy punk rock look no further than Casanovas In Heat's Belvidere/Destiny St

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Olive Drab - 2014 - The Big Sleep

Olive Drab is a four piece noise rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America. The Big Sleep is their debut LP courtesy of Birdtapes. Olive Drab play a noisy brand of indie rock that liberally dips into emo and garage rock. The opening tracks Go Home and Falling (For You) are excellent examples of noisy, emotional garage rock that remembers how to be danceable somehow. King Of Cancer is a brooding monster of a slowburning darkly melodic emo song and Caterpillar builds up it's melody before tearing everything down again. If you're looking for some lofi emo and garage inflected indie rock Olive Drab's The Big Sleep will serve well. Thanks to Manic Compression

Friday, June 13, 2014

Shin To Shin - 2014 - Shin To Shin

Shin To Shin is the solo project of Aaron "A2" Melnick. Shin To Shin is the debut EP under this name. Aaron Melnick has also played in bands like Integrity, In Cold Blood and Inmates. This EP released by A389 Recordings is 8 tracks and 22 and a half minutes of crushing 90's metallic hardcore. The basis for most of these songs is that straightforward but then the guitar leads start flying and we're off to the races. My favourite songs are the title track, Extinction and Intro and Costumes And Masks,  these songs are either crushingly heavy but never neglecting  a lead riff or riding a solid groove into the dirt. If you're looking for some heavy metallic hardcore, look no further than Shin To Shin's Shin To Shin.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Flehs Born - Cara Neir - 2014 - Split EP

Flesh Born is an four piece black metal band from Denton, Texas, USA. This split with Cara Neir is their second release. Flesh Born play a a raw brand of of black metal that spins itself into tight little corners and then explodes out wildly from there. The singer has a high pitched shriek that fits in nicely with the lofi chaos the instruments are making. If you're looking for some chaotic black metal with some grind and a coating of crust, Flesh Born's side of their split with Cara Neir will serve well.

Cara Neir is a black metal two piece from Dallas, Texas, USA. This split with Flesh Born is their third EP, their eight record overall. Cara Neir play an experimental brand of black metal bringing in elements of screamo, d-beat, hardcore and neocrust. These songs are unrelenting, bringing the blast beats but still allowing some melody to slip through. If you're looking for some intense black metal that isn't afraid of branching out, Cara Neir's side of their split with Flesh Born will serve well.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sage Francis - 2014 - Grace

Sage Francis is a rapper from Providence Rhode Island. His new LP, Copper Gone is his 18th release. He is the founder of Strange Famouse Records. Grace is the single from his new LP.

Old Gray - Clip Your Wings

Old Gray is a four piece screamo band from the USA. Their latest release is a 7" Split EP with Tiny Moving Parts courtesy of Broken World Media, Kind Of Like Records and Dog Knights Productions. Rat Cave Productions produced a music video for Clip Your Wings from the aforementioned split.

ABRAMS - 2014 - February

ABRAMS is a three piece hard rock band from Denver, Colorado. February is their debut EP. Members have played in Black Acid Devil, Black Sheep Of Kali, and Luna Sol. ABRAMS play a heavy brand of rock bringing hardcore punk and stoner metal to tie everything together. They cite Metz, Torche, Death from Above 1979, Baroness, Mastodon and  Sleep as influences which is a pretty solid representation of where these songs are headed. My favourites are The Fucking Cops Are Here and Mr. Pink Always Wins but Limped Off and Sea Salt Lines are riotous and noisy in their own rights. If you're looking for some heavy grooves, ABRAMS' February will serve well. Thanks to Manic Compression.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Teen Creeps - 2014 - Teen Creeps

Teen Creeps is a three piece indie rock band from Ghent, Belgium. Teen Creeps is their debut EP. Teen Creeps play a an emo inflected fuzzed out brand of indie rock bringing in some garage rock for seasoning. Songs like Letting Go have an early 90's lazy indie rock feel to them while songs like Alp kick out the garage rock jams and Shed Some Light has a tense driving energy to it. If you're looking for some tight, well played eclectic indie rock Teen Creep's Teen Creeps will do well. Thanks to Manic Compression

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Rend - 2014 - First Contact

Rend is an emo band from Marlborough, Massachusetts. First Contact is their debut LP. Rend play a noisy brand of emo with some melody occasionaly peeking through. First Contact gets off to an explosive start with Haunted which is followed by more of the same with When you know the answer (but don't raise your hand) before Parlor Trick breaks everything down and builds it back up in a slow burn.

Forever Discontent starts the second half off in an almost hardcore direction before Safe In Orbit returns to the emo Rend can pull off well before closing out with more of the same plus more of the aforementioned slowburn on Moulder. If you're looking for some desperate emo wrapped in fuzz, Rend's First Contact will serve well.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Things Fall Apart​ - ​Tall Ships Set Sail -​ ​Infro​ - Shizune - Four Way Split

Things Fall Apart is an screamo band from Columbus, Ohio, USA. This four way split is their ninth EP. These two songs are a little noodly but also bring in some post-hardcore in their use of dynamics.
Tall Ships Set Sail is a four piece  screamo band from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. This four way split is their 3rd EP. Tall Ships Set Sail play a lofi brand of screamo that feels like it might fall apart at any moment. They shake and desperately scream their way through these two songs without coming apart completely.

Infro is a screamo band from Japan. This four way split is their fourth EP and their fifth release overall. Infro play a straight forward brand of screamo, the guitars are distorted but never forgetting some melody while still come straight at you and the singer has a forceful, versatile shout.
Shizune is a five piece screamo band from Lonigo, Vicenza, Italy. This four way split is their fourth EP. An Appointment With Richard Harrison divides it's time between exploding  and screaming and the other half softly whispering and disintegrating while March Blizzard In Rostov n Donu starts twinkly with some buried shouts before building up and destroying itself.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Settler - 2014 - dissociation songs (in the key of F)

Settler is a three piece emo band from Marlborough, Massacusets, USA. dissociation songs (in the key of F) is their 3rd EP and their fifth release overall. Settler play a slightly dissonant brand of emo run through a lofi filter. These songs are equal parts energetic punk and distorted emo with some shoegazing post rock thrown in for good measure. It is being pressed on vinyl as a 7" by Sorry Girls Records and Driftwood Records. If you're looking for some energetic indie punk with that emo bent to it, Settler's dissociation songs (in the key of F) will serve well.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Upper Chief - 2014 - delete it all

Upper Chief is the solo project of Jack Tomascak from Purchase, New York, USA. delete it all is his fourth release under the Upper Chief name. Upper Chief plays a noisy brand of emo that borrows heavily from post-rock. The songs consist of one distorted guitar and some shouts, they start with a solid emo base and then proceed to kick out the songwriting conventions with waves of distortion. The guitar tone reminds of iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing but drawn out and coming you at you in swells. The highlight of the album for me is Pavilion, the vocals are buried deep in the mix and the waves of guitar distortion rise and recede like the tide. On songs like Trust Break or Stay To Your Business and Rockwell there is more focus that comes from emo songwriting structure but there is always enough post-rock to stretch things out and vibrate. If you need some noisy post-rock heavy emo, Upper Chief's delete it all will serve well. Thanks to Manic Compression.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Enoch Ardon - 2014 - Dedos Rotos

Enoch Ardon is a five piece screamo band from Oviedo, Spain. Dedos Rotos is their third release and their first in 7 years. Enoch Ardon play a chaotic brand of screamo garnering comparisons to heavy weights like Orchid and going on tour with Loma Prieta. They had a song on the Emo Apocalypse compilation from React With Protest. These songs are short, chaotic and heavy on the distortion. There are no punches pulled here. If you're looking for some chaotic screamo, look no further than Enoch Ardon's long over due Dedos Rotos. Thanks to Cut & Paste.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Pony! - 2014 - Cuantas Veces?

Pony! is a two piece emo band from Lima, Peru. Cuantas veces? is their debut LP. Pony! plays a catchy, shaggy brand of emo unafraid of bringing in some math rock, screamo or jump straight up and down pop punk for flavour and energy. The singer has an excellent shout that can have a rough edge to it while the guitars dance around a sometimes twinkly melodic post-hardcore emo sound. Here's where I would usually list my favourite songs but there's no point when an LP is this loaded with great songs.If you like your emo with some post-hardcore shouting and a little twinkle, Pony!'s Cuantas Veces? will serve well.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Käptain Krünçh Kîdz - 2014 - #BloodBrothers

Käptain Krünçh Kîdz is a two piece band from Ozark, Missouri, USA. #BloodBrothers is their debut EP.  Käptain Krünçh Kîdz play a combination of emo and surf rock,  the wiry kind of emo that feels like it could fall apart at any moment rammed straight into melodic surf rock. And the results don't always work. The guitars are plenty noodly and twinkly but when the songs don't hit and the riffs aren't memorable song structure falls into that black noodly hole. When they hit, they really hit (Night Mare, Fall's End, Bloodshot Eyes And An Existential Crisis) otherwise the songs just wander around a little bit. There is much potential here and this album to it's detriment is very much front loaded. If Käptain Krünçh Kîdz continue down this path they should develop into something interesting, right now this diamond is very much in the rough. The edges are starting to glean but there's a lot of polishing that needs to be done.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Black Hands Promotions Present: Iowacore Vol 3

Iowacore Vol 3 is a compilation of heavy music from in around Iowa, USA. With 91 songs clocking in at over five hours worth of free music ranging from deathcore to metalcore to easycore to djent to  post-hardcore and back again. If you like heavy metal or punk in pretty much any form, I guarantee you will find something of value here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

VA - 2014 - Casa De Heusos Vol I

Casa De Heusos is a Spanish record label, this international screamo compilation is their fifth release. Bands like British Crows-An-Wra, Peruvian Lori Berenson, American Shark Bait or Rio Bravo blast through 12 songs in under a half hour, taking you on a whirlwind world wide tour of modern screamo/emotional hardcore/people screaming their lungs out over distorted electric guitars. If you're into screamo in any capacity you will find much to enjoy and bands to discover on Casa De Heusos Vol I. Thanks to The Elementary Revolt.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Air Hockey - 2014 - Air Hockey

Air Hockey is a four piece emo band from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Air Hockey is their debut LP. Air Hockey play an eclectic brand of emo that pulls in various sounds but never strays far from their roots. If you were to toss indie rock, punk pop and midwestern emo into a blender and served with a singer with a both melodic and shouty voice and you've got Air Hockey. It took a moment for the whole thing to sink in, I had the same experience with Big Ups Eighteen Hours Of Static The multitude of styles is at first off putting but then makes for a much deeper, more vibrant album. If you're looking for some energetic punked up emo, Air Hockey's Air Hockey will serve well.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Stoic Violence - 2014 - Chained

Stoic Violence is a hardcore punk band from Long Beach, California. Chained is their new 12" EP, their fourth overall release. Vinyl is being released by Deranged Records and Video Disease Records and on cassette by Overdose RecordsStoic Violence plays a straight forward, stripped down brand of hardcore, relying on a simple groove and a singer who can spit pure venom to slam their points home. At their best on tracks like No Escape, Two Faced, Choke and Cut Down/Empty Inside Stoic Violence conjures a chaotic, ugly brand of hardcore punk garnering comparisons to bands like Brainkiller, Hoax, No Class, Altered Boys, Nomos, Sucked Dry & Pukeoid. If you're looking for some no frills hardcore Stoic Violence's Chained will serve well. Thanks to Manic Compression and Cut & Paste.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Badger Squad - 2014 - Fight Back

Badger Squad is a four piece hardcore punk band from London, England. Fight Back is their debut demo. Badger Squad play an aggressive, brand of beatdown hardcore. These song specialize in finding a heavy riff and ramming it through your brain at top speed. Highlights include Fight Back and Ungrateful. If you're looking for some heavy hardcore and don't mind some lofi production, Badger Squad's Fight Back will serve well.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Odd Dates - 2014 - File Dump

Odd Dates is a two piece band from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. File Dump is their new EP. Odd Dates play an angular, melodic, post-hardcore informed brand of math rock. These two songs set a pretty high standard, think in the area of The Reptilian and Animal Faces and you won't be far off. Wu Wei conjures an off kilter melody and rides that into the dust while This Basement is Most Definitely Haunted almost gets lost in the riffing. Easily one of the best EPs of the year. If you like your punk rock with some math and emo, Odd Date's File Dump will serve very well. Thanks to Manic Compression.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bored Straight - 2014 - Final Session

Bored Straight is a four piece hardcore punk band from Wisconsin, USA. Final Session is their
fifth EP. Bored Straight play a straight ahead brand of hardcore punk. There are no punches pulled here and nor any major surprises. This EP is filled to overflowing with raging guitars and a drill sergeant screaming at you. If you're looking for some straight ahead pissed off hardcore, Bored Straight's Final Session will serve well.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tawny Peaks - 2014 - In Silver River

Tawny Peaks is a six piece emo band from Montclair, New Jersey. In Silver River is their second and final LP. Tawny Peaks play a melodic, brand of emo punk that brings in some indie rock for flavouring. The main singer has a solid voice that reminds me of Shotgun Jimmie or Lou Reed and the female vocals are quite a nice touch. The music is slightly twinkly but never leaves behind the indie punk rock base. Songs like Bending Time and Portrait Of Pushkin will get stuck deep in your head. The sequencing is a bit off, making the album a tad uneven but it comes together nicely in the end. If you're looking for some emo with a little bit of twinkle and a low down groove, Tawny Peaks In Silver River will serve well.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Indian - 2014 - From All Purity

Indian is a doom metal band from Chicago, Illinois, America. From All Purity is their new LP. Indian pl ay a bracing, abrasive, noisy but at times ambient brand of doom metal. Not only do these songs crawl along at a glacier place but everything seems dipped and covered in the most harsh, distorted noise. If you choose to play close attention Indian are experts at creating terrifying, noisy atmosphere that can just as easily turn towards ambient music. They are drawing comparisons to bands like Neurosis and Eyehategod in their noisy, sludgy caves. If you're looking for some abrasive doom metal, Indian's From All Purity will serve well.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rollercoaster Kills - 2014 - Evil Debt

Rollercoaster Kills is a three piece punk rock band from Madrid, Spain. Evil Debt is their debut LP. Rollercoaster Kills play an eclectic brand of punk rock, bringing in shaggy melodic emo, wiry indie rock and some grungy garage rock. Songs like Modern Flu and Don't Ask Don't Tell take a ramshackle but still melodic brand of emo and run it through a grungy garage filter while Funeral Party brings a driving indie rock rhythm to an almost pop punk song and Adam's Massacre Song is heading in a hardcore direction . They are garnering comparisons to bands like Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, Wipers, and Sonic Youth. If you're looking for some emotive, eclectic punk rock, Rollercoaster Kills' Evil Debt will serve well. Thanks to Manic Compression

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Scalped - 2014 - Demo

Scalped is a five piece hardcore punk band from San Fransisco, California, USA. Demo is their debut EP. Scalped play a balls to the wall aggressive brand of abrasive hardcore punk. The guitar tone has something especially gritty to it and the noise the band makes almost drowns out the desperation of the singer. Hyperhagia and Charred Hands are the stand outs here, and make want to hear more of what this band can offer. If you're looking for some abrasive hardcore punk to destroy things to, Scalped's Demo will serve well.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Your Weekly Madness 207

Check out Episode 207 of Your Weekly Madness. This week featuring music from Redefiners, COKE BOYS, Young Thug & Bloody jay, Barren Hope, Chalkboards, Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Iron Mind, B.O.N.I.C.Z as well as Andrea Gibson performing I Do and excerpts from both Tina Fey's Bossypants and Emma Goldman's Anarchism & Other Essays

Head Split - 2014 - Demo

Head Split is a five piece crossover hardcore band from Massachusets, America. Demo is their debut EP. Head Split was formerly known as torchbearer and play a heavy, metallic brand of crossover hardcore. Lead off track The Crystal Wizard takes some metal riffs and put them to great use while Young and Ruthless has an all out savage attack and Honor Among Thieves Ft. Jordan of Ra closes things out by explosively riding a groove into the ground. Easily one of the best EPs of the year. Highly recommended. Thanks to Dead Air At The Pulpit.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Zoo Books - 2014 - Demo

Zoo Books is a three piece post-hardcore band from Cinnaminson, New Jersey, USA. Demo is their debut. Zoo Books play a mathy, twinkly brand of post-hardcore with obvious comparisons to bands like The Reptilian and Lautrec and Native. This is what I like in my post-hardcore, shouted emotional but still melodic vocals and mathy guitar riffs that skitter every which way. If you like the bracing, melodic, emo influenced stuff The Reptilian plays you will almost certainly like this. Hopefully they keep moving forward and come into their own. Highlights include Djangle Unchained, Twinkle Tappies and Why Not Scorpion?,  If you like your math rock with some post-hardcore and shouted vocals, Zoo Books' Demo will serve well. Thanks to Manic Compression.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Don't We All - 2014 - Don't We All

Don't We All is a five piece melodic hardcore punk band from Lyons, France. Don't We All is their debut EP. Members of Don't We All have also played in bands like Seekers Of The Truth, First Try and Upstart. Don't We All play a melodic brand of hardcore punk that is edging towards screamo garnering comparisons to bands like Touché Amoré and Comeback Kid. The singer has a voice when shouting that sounds like a higher pitched Jeremy from Touché Amoré at times while the band behind him churns out a melodic, energetic brand of modern punk rock. If you're looking for some speedy, melodic punk, Don't We All's Don't We All will serve well. Thanks to What Are Blood Wings?

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Sport - 2014 - Bon Voyage

Sport is a four piece emo band from Lyons, France. Bon Voyage is their second LP. Sport play an energetic, punked up brand of emo garnering comparisons to bands Braid, Small Brown Bike, Algernon Cadwallader and Crash Of Rhinos. The singer's voice reminds at time of a gruffer lead singer of The Reptilian, a surprisingly apt comparison. Sport run the gambit from indie rock to twinkly emo over to melodic post-hardcore and back into some melodic emo without even blinking an eye. Outside of You Blew It! and Posture & The Grizzly this is one of the best emo albums I've heard yet this year. Highly recommended. I would list my favourite songs but that's basically all of them. Thanks to Manic Compression

Monday, April 07, 2014

Iwakura - 2014 - Demos

Iwakura is a hardcore punk band from Denver Colorado.  Demo is their debut EP. And that is the sum total of my knowledge of this band. They play a very aggressive brand of screamo inflected hardcore heading in a powerviolence direction. These songs are chaotic and explode in every direction, there is enough post-hardcore in the mix to allow them to string the songs along while they continue to collapse. If you like your hardcore with screamo and powerviolence, Iwakura's Demo will serve well. Thanks to Dead Air At The Pulpit.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

War Emblem - 2014 - Constant Defeat

War Emblem is a four piece hardcore punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America. Constant Defeat is their debut LP. Members of War Emblem have also played in Kill the Man Who Questions, Saetia, Yo Man Go, Off Minor and more. War Emblem plays a straight ahead, no punches pulled brand of hardcore punk, they are fast without sacrificing heaviness for speed or vice versa. There's just enough riffage to pull you in but not enough to take away from the slamming nature of these songs. Highlights include Spoils Of War, Frustration, Nuke It From Orbit, Paths, (Ready To) Bleed and Flames. If you like your hardcore battering and heavy, War Emblem's Constant Defeat will serve well.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Clixxtorix - 2014 - Clixxtorix

Clixxtorix is a hardcore punk band from Madrid Spain. Clixxtorix is their fourth LP. Clixxtorix play a speedy brand of hardcore punk, picking up lessons in speed and agility from street punk rather than being exceedingly heavy. None of these songs break three minutes, Clixxtorix are experts at laying out their attack, executing it at top speed and then moving right on. If you're looking for some fastcore Clixxtorix's Clixxtorix will serve well. Thanks to xxRuidoxx.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Zotz - 2014 - Demo

Zotz is a four piece post-punk band from Mexico City, Mexico. Demo is their debut EP. Zotz play a dark, sinister brand of post-punk. On tracks like Bombas No! Zotz can kick up quite a distorted fuzz, it's impossible to distinguish any instruments behind the walls of distortion but usually Zotz are content to hammer away at the night with mid speed, brooding post-punk like Sangre or Elizabeth. If you're looking for some blood obsessed post-punk, Zotz's Demo will serve well. Thanks to Ruido.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Disasteratti - 2014 - Cerebral Hack Artist

Disasteratti is a three piece rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cerebral Hack Artist is their second LP. Disasteratti throw punky blues rock, straight ahead rock and roll, punked up rock with a noisy edge and driving groovy post-hardcore into a blender and out comes magic. This album is wildly uneven and unsatisfying if you're looking for a band content with staying with where they are, because Disasteratti seem compelled to push at even self imposed boundaries, smashing quickly between genres that by all accounts have no right being next to each other. Highlights include Rolling Blackouts, Convict, Forced Exposure, and Hollow  If you're looking for a group of musicians that have developed their own unique, tight, groove filled style and aren't afraid of destroying genre conventions in order to do so, Disasteratti's Cerebral Hack Artist will serve well.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

UGLYFRANK- 2014 - Bobby Hill

UGLYFRANK is a rapper from Tacoma, Washington, USA. Bobby Hill is his solo debut EP. Ugly Frank is one third of the rap group ILLFIGHTYOU. UGLYFRANK is an interesting rapper, he's got the intensity and anger of a gangsta rapper but he focuses his energy on other things instead of purely rapping about violence. 90 has a creeping G-Funk heaviness to it while Frank Truise and Left Ova bring the melodic synths. The production provided by the  KReam Team allows UGLYFRANK to spit his freewheeling style to maximum effect. Hip hop doesn't have to be pretty to be killer. If you're into rap or hip hop at all, UGLYFRANK's Bobby Hill will serve well.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ajax - 2014 - Bleach For Breakast

Ajax is a hardcore punk supergroup from New York City. USA. Bleach For Breakfast is their debut EP. Ajax plays a straight ahead brand of hardcore, super fast, no interest in guitar solos only in playing as fast they can while their lead singer barks ferociously.

 Members also play in Warthog, CREEM and Nuclear Spring. If you need some fast, short and ferocious hardcore punk in your life, Ajax's Bleach For Breakfast will serve well. Thanks to both I Could Die Tomorrow and Cut & Paste.

Friday, March 28, 2014

A Lonely Ghost Burning - Various Artists - 2014 - Alt/Punk Vol 2

A Lonely Ghost is a project intended to bring good music to more people. This is their third compilation. It walks the distance between hardcore punk, melodic org core punk rock, pop punk, quirky indie rock influenced punk and back. My favourites are Bad Ideas - So Wrong, Dogbreth - Too Much Too Fast, Trampoline Team - I'm So Popular, Growing Up A Ghost - Know Better, Boys - Sundae Skool and Shakey Ground - American Haiku but this album is overgrown with excellent new music. If you like punk rock in any capacity, A Lonely Ghost Burning's Alt/Punk will serve well.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

jinzo - 2014 - ACID BANK

jinzo is an experimental band from Glasgow. ACID BANK is their second LP with another seven EP's on their bandcamp. jinzo plays an experimental brand of largely ambient chiptune. On songs like Big Glass Ft. Bekn Dignum and In My Dream I Ran jinzo conjures a danceable, melodic sound bed but otherwise this album is heavy on the instrumental ambient melodies drifting by in fits and starts. This is perfect music for either background ambient noise or paying attention to the songs and interludes as they are constructed piece by looped piece. If you are in need of something ambient or simply some synth layered quirkiness, then jinzo's ACID BANK will serve well. Thanks to We Read The Blogs We Think We Deserve.

Your Weekly Madness 205

Wednesday night/thursday morning means another episode of Your Weekly Madness. Episode 205 features music from Young Thug & Bloody jay , Creeper, Truman, Del Tha Funky Homosapien, Waxahatchee, Iron Mind, You Blew It!, Slippertails, and self defense family and excerpts from Tina Fey's Bossypants, Emma Goldman's Anarchism & Other Essays as well as Alysia Harris and Aysha El Shamayleh performing hir

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ball De Bastons - Makil Dantza - 2014

Ball De Bastons - Makil Dantza is an anti-cop compilation put out by Filferro Records and Hysterical Records featuring 22 tracks from 22 different bands from Catalonia and Basque Country. Most of these bands are straight ahead hardcore punk with varying degrees of crustiness and heaviness but even an  industrial bands like Matxura pounds you senseless at high speed . If you're looking for a solid compilation of pissed the fuck off  political music, Ball De Bastons - Makil Dantza will serve well.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

pocketmouse - 2014 - almost spring

pocketmouse is the acoustic side project of Julia of The Concrete Summer. almost spring is her debut LP. pocketmouse is a singer songwriter alone in her room recording onto a digital camera. Don't expect big flashy songs, these are tender and held close to the heart. The whole album reminds me a lot of Julie Doiron and the cover of Maps is a nice touch. Julie has a nice voice that can be quietly beautiful while her guitar playing either softly backs her up with pensive, melodic picking or more actively moves the songs along with energetic strumming. I would list faovurite tracks but I just realized that it's basically all of them. If you're looking to sit and listen with a singer songwriter practicing their craft, pocketmouse's almost spring will serve well.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Black Keys - 2014 - Fever

The Black Keys are a rock and roll duo from Akron, Ohio, USA. Fever is the first song from Turn Blue, their eight LP. I hope it's not indicitave of what's to come on that album, this is generic, synth based pop music, as disposable as it gets.

So listen instead to some classic Black Keys and remember what was. 

Sosiego - 2014 - Ascensión

 Sosiego is a hardcore punk band from Antofagasta, Chile. Ascensión is their first proper EP. Sosiego play a crusty, chaotic brand of hardcore punk. They describe themselves as nihilistic neo-crust band citing Michel Foucault, Fall of Efrafa, Tragedy, Carl Sagan and Arse Moreir. If Loma Prieta stayed just as chaotic but  got all crusty and played d-beat instead of screamo it might come out something like this. Highlights include La Contraescuel,a Epifanía and Antonio Ramón Ramón If you like your d-beat crusty and chaotic, Sosiego's Ascensión will serve well. Thanks to Ruido.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Le1f - 2014 - Hey

Le1f is a rapper and producer from New York City, New York. Hey is his fifth EP. Le1f has a talent for picking out or making unique beats and then lays out his personality across them. Le1f is a challenge to norms and stereotypes just by existing let alone applying his idiosyncratic flow to unique beats. Le1f is one of the most vital and unique voices in hip-hop, I don't know any other rappers talking about the things he raps about. He knows exactly what he's going for and executes it damn near perfectly. If you have even a passing interest in hip hop or rap, or simply artists being their transgressive selves, Le1f's Hey is essential listening.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Snow Roller - 2014 - Another Step In Your Career Ladder

Snow Roller is a four piece emo band from Portland, Oregon, USA. Another Step In Your Career Ladder is their debut EP. Members also play in The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die. Snow Roller play a melodic, guitar focused brand of emo with a singer that might put some off. The highlight for sure is Mirror and the follow up Limits but the opening two tracks Slouch and Wasted Time are excellent fuzzy indie rock and more straight up ahead indie rock. Snow Roller are not averse to following a riff down it's melodic rabbit hole and I want to compare them to Television in that catchy but still mathy riff focused punk. If you're looking for some fuzzy indie rock influenced emo with riffs galore, Snow Roller's Another Step In Your Career Ladder will serve well. Thanks to i think i might hate everything.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Grammer - 2014 - Awesome Knives

Grammer is a five piece emo band from Springfield, Missouri, USA. Awesome Knives is their debut EP. Grammer play a melodic brand of midwestern emo drawing obvious comparisons to bands like American Football or Mineral but stopping there is over simplifying. Grammer also bring a touch of post-hardcore to weird up the songs and add a slight edge of chaos and danger. The guitars are clear and melodic, carrying the melody forward and twinkling while the singer has a reaching voice that glides forwards and can have a nice rasp to it. This is a rock solid foundation on which to construct their own, more unique sound. If you like your emo with a little rasp and some midwestern twinkle, Grammer's Awesome Knives will serve well.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Your Weekly Madness 204

 Check out episode 204 of Your Weekly Madness featuring music from Battle Ruins, Polar Bear Club, WVRM, You Blew It!, I Kill Giants, Absolut, from Digital Dynasty #28 Anubis 9:3, Lucas Skywalk, Illa Ghee, Up Front AKA Gihadi, as well as excerpts from Emma Goldman's Anarchism & Other Essays and Tina Fey's Bossypants and Sarah Jones performs her poem Your Revolution.

Arch Enemy - 2014 - War Eternal

Arch Enemy is a five piece melodic death metal band. War Eternal is the first song and title track from their 10th studio LP their first with new lead singer  Alissa White-Gluz. Arch Enemy was formed in Halmstad, Sweden by Johan Liiva , brothers Michael  & Christopher Amott and Daniel Erlandsson. Christopher Amott has come and gone, currently pursuing a solo career and Daneil Erlandsson only left once. Johan Liiva was replaced by Angela Gossow in 2000 who is now transitioning to business manager. Her replacement is former lead singer for The Agonist Alissa White-Gluz. I think I like her voice more than Angela's even.

Scare Tactic - 2014 - Demo

Scare Tactic is a four piece hardcore crust punk band from Bremen, Germany. Demo is their debut EP. Scare Tactic play a straight forward brand of crusty hardcore. The guitars are chunky, distorted and crunchy with crust while the singer has a nice deep voice capable of guttural rumblings. If you like your hardcore crusted over and focused on crushing your skull, Scare Tactic's Demo will serve well.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Via Fondo - 2014 - Fast

Via Fondo is a four piece screamo band from Uppsala, Sweden. Fast is their fourth EP. Via Fondo play a brand of screamo with chaotic songs, pummelling guitars, tortured screams, and some twinkly guitars in the moments of lesser chaos. If you like Suis La Lune or La Quiete you will almost certainly like this. If you like your screamo chaotic and punky, Via Fondo's Fast will serve well.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Freddie Gibs & Madlib - 2014 - Pinata

Freddie Gibbs is a rapper from Gary, Indiana. Pinata is his second LP with another solo LP scheduled for later this year. Freddie Gibbs is your classic gangsta rapper with a voice constantly being composed to Tupac. Freddie Gibbs' street tales and drug dealing are laid out matter of factly with none of the gloss or shine modern rappers use. Self described as having "an icemaker for a heart," Gibbs uses Madlibs inventive beats to take detours and back roads into memories he might not otherwise visit. Throw in guest verses from luminaries like Raekwon and Scarface and newcomers like Ab-Soul, Danny Brown, Domo Genesis & Earl Sweatshirt and you've got a banger.

Madlib is a DJ and producer from Oxnard, California. Pinata is his 10th LP with an equal number of collaborations with other people as well as releases under the names of Jaylib, Madvillain, Quasimoto and Yesterdasy New Quintet. Madlib has worked with rappers like Talib Kweli, MF Doom and producers like J Dilla. He has developed a reputation as a crate digger with a taste for jazz, pyschedelic soul and blaxpolitation funk all of which he puts to great use on this album. Instead of a traditional boom bap Freddie Gibbs gets old school funk and soul to spit his street tales on. If you like hip hop or rap in any capacity, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib's Pinata is essential listening.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Execució - 2014 - Demo

Execució is a four piece thrash metal band from Barcelona, Spain. Demo is their debut EP. Execució play a straight forward brand of thrash metal, heavy riffs flying everywhere which way and the singer has a voice that could wake the dead. This is old school, riff focused thrash metal with a possessed drill sergeant on vocals. If you've been missing some aggressive thrash metal, Execució's Demo will serve well. Thanks to Ruido