Thursday, January 02, 2014

Curb Biters - 2013 - Demo

Curb Biters are a four piece hardcore band from Houston, Texas, USA. Demo is their debut. Curb Biters plays a sloppy brand of hardcore punk featuring members of Vipers, Ex Gfs, Back to Back, Stagnant Youth, Secret Prostitutes and others. These are rageddy hardcore songs that somehow manage to stay together and bash something coherent together.

The vocalist has a snearing shout and the lofi production only serves to make the distorted guitars louder. Curb Biters don't seem interested in taking things slow or getting to know you, they only one know speed. This could be described as mysterious guy hardcore if the singer wore a mask or they weren't on social media. If you can stand some production and mixing issues, Curb Biter's Demo will serve well.