Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Born Of Osiris - The Discovery

This album is awesome. I`m not exactly sure if there is any original going on but it doesn't really matter at this point.

 This album is progressive while still being heavy enough to snap your neck. If you don't know what deathcore is this would be a good introduction I think. It's the first album thus labelled that I even remotely like. 

Basically it's a combination of death metal, metalcore (which is itself a merging of hardcore and metal) and progressive metal with just a touch of chaotic hardcore. There is a diversity of tactics here that conspire to bring everything together and smash your head until there is only dust.

 There are so many different things being pulled in from so many different places it can be a little overwhelming. There are multiple vocalists, all of them screaming or growling or some other evil form of vocal chord torture. The guitars, and there are lots of, are always going in different directions. There is one pounding out awesome thrashy rhthyms and then at least another guitar concerning itself with melody. Or just being brutal. There is a lot of that.

I know that I probably be should be used to metal bands taking the term Long Play very seriously but i do have some concerns about listening to this kind of music for almost a full hour. If that's an issue I will update this later but I'll probably just erase this and write a better conclusion either today or tomorrow.