Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fist Benders - 2015 - Fist Benders

Fist Benders is a four piece emo band from Fullerton, California. Fist Benders is their sophomore EP and third release overall. Fist Benders play a twinkly, melodic brand of emo that doesn't shy away from some harsher shouted vocals. This self titled sophomore EP starts off with a full head of steam with the instrumental In Dog Years setting the tone for the what follows and album highlight Understanding. It's not often an instrumental twinkly jam will grab me like this but it's immediately obvious how much fun this band is having together. Understanding is the highlight of this EP that lays out everything you can expect from the rest of this EP. There are lots of twinkly, melodic riffs, some off key sung vocals, multi tracked gang vocals and a harsher shout all jammed into a emo punk rock song that lasts less than 3 minutes. This band will need to do a lot to distinguish themselves in an increasingly crowded twinkly emo scene but if this EP is any indication they will have no problem doing just that. Fist Benders' sophomore EP is an excellent slab of catchy, twinkly emo.