Monday, November 20, 2006

Callin' Out The Gangsta's

I've had it with the fake gangsta's populating our airwaves. Fuck 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, The Clipse, Lil' Wayne, Jim Jones, the whole Dipset & G-Unit clicks. They are not gangsta's. True gangsters don't promote the fact that they are gangsters. True gangsters are in the street, hustling, running drugs and doing drugs. Not in magazines promoting how many times they got shot, not on MTV objectifying women, and certainly not on BET.

If you're a real gangster, unless you're a psycho, you don't brag about killing people, or how many chicks you screw or how many ounces of blow you sell. You wanna keep that on the down low so the cops don't get suspicious of you and bust you. Although look at T.I., he supposedly sold Coke growing up and look at him now. Going to jail for parol violation may have been the best thing to happen to him (he didn't even have the balls to go to jail for something hardcore, say shooting someone, like Shyne (allegedly anyway :P)

True gangsters don't invest their money in worthless diamonds, they reinvest in the community. By buying and selling more drugs, guns and giving their hookers raises. Just kidding, they wouldn't dream of giving their hookers raises. If you think investing your rrsp in a giant gold necklace, look at how much gold fluctuates. Instead of buying what comes out of the ground, why don't buy the ground itself? Sounds smart to me...

People that say 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, The Clipse etc are true hip hop need a smack upside the head. Have you heard the new Game album? In the first 2 songs, there's barely a verse uninterrupted by a gimmick of some sort. Try listening to some good hip hop, real stuff like Giant Panda, Swollen Members, Jurassic 5, Immortal Technique or Aesop Rock. Those are all guys that know what Hip Hop really is.

Hip Hop is not about being "gangsta." It's about keeping it real to where you grew up, whether that's the hood or the suburbs. It's about saying something that matters. And 50 Cent? He's got nothing to say.