Saturday, April 04, 2015

Political Origins: Pablo Sand

I this short chat with my friend, Pablo, also known to their nearly thousand twitter followers as Weird Bird Pal.

How would you describe your politics?
 I'm a communist.

When you began getting into politics, were you sort of immedietly there or were there other phases and ideas?
 Well, it was a process from being a liberal into going more left wing.

Was there anything particullary radicalizing for you? A certain book or person?
Reading Howard Zinn essays really got me to question a lot of the beliefs I had at the time.

What are some issues that are especially important to you? 
Ending US colonialism and imperialism.

What do you think would be ideal for abolishing said colonialism and imperialism?
Abolishing America in socialist revolution.

Great answer! I think that's probably enough questions for now. Thanks for doing this, comrade.
No problem. :)

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