Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Sorority Noise - 2014 - Unforgettable

Sorority Noise is a four piece emo band from East Hartford, Connecticut. Unforgettable is their debut LP with a physical release courtesy of Broken World MediaStormChasers Records and Dog Knights Productions (Europe). Members of Sorority Noise have also played in Old Gray and Two Humans. Sorority Noise play a punked up brand of emo with a solid helping of indie rock. They blast through 9 songs in just over 20 minutes leaving me breathless. This is a band that already has developed their own sound, as evidenced by Nick Kwas Christmas Party; Still Shrill and Blonde Hair, Black Lungs. There is a darkly melodic undercurrent to the punk and indie rock influenced emo Sorority Noise play, these songs have a tendency towards anthemic epics that lend themselves to crowd singalongs. If you`re looking for some straight forward emo, Sorority Noise's Unforgettable will serve well.