Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Disasteratti - 2014 - Cerebral Hack Artist

Disasteratti is a three piece rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cerebral Hack Artist is their second LP. Disasteratti throw punky blues rock, straight ahead rock and roll, punked up rock with a noisy edge and driving groovy post-hardcore into a blender and out comes magic. This album is wildly uneven and unsatisfying if you're looking for a band content with staying with where they are, because Disasteratti seem compelled to push at even self imposed boundaries, smashing quickly between genres that by all accounts have no right being next to each other. Highlights include Rolling Blackouts, Convict, Forced Exposure, and Hollow  If you're looking for a group of musicians that have developed their own unique, tight, groove filled style and aren't afraid of destroying genre conventions in order to do so, Disasteratti's Cerebral Hack Artist will serve well.