Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Great Sabatini - 2014 - Dog Years

The Great Sabatini is a four piece metal band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Dog Years is their third LP and seventh release overall. The Great Sabatini play a sometimes sludgy, sometimes doomy brand of metal on top of which they sprinkle some grindcore for energy and flavour. The singer has a rabid bark of a shout and the band churns out catchy, sharp riffs while still remaining heavy as hell not to mention a few surprisingly melodic moments.

Reach is a slow burning crawl of a metal song reaching for yet unknown heights while Periwinkle War Hammer begins with a stop and start riff before evolving into a raging monster and as demonstrated above Munera is a straight ahead heavy metal beast. Life During Wartime closes things out by bringing in a keyboard and burying the vocals in the mix making for an even more expansive sound. If you're looking for some sludgy or doomy metal that isn't afraid of stepping beyond those boundaries, The Great Sabatini's Dog Years will serve well.