Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Little Rap

Thinking at eleven o'clock at night is a bad idea. Written to the beat to Common's Chi-City.

This is just a little burden
I gotta get off my shoulders
I've kept things inside now they get to hurtin
Every time I look
Deep into your eyes
You know baby girl
We ain't capable of lies
Just give it a whirl girl
Maybe you'll win the prize
I see you hanging out
Chillin with other guys
I got no reason
To claim that your cheatin
I got no reason
To claim you as my own
But we've gotten so close
Now you push me away
You're like the perfect rose
Thorns and all
Anytime you need me
Just give me a call
But if you push me away
Then it's away I'll stay

lyrics [c] me