Monday, December 25, 2006

A State Of Shock

Wow, I am truly in a state of shock right now. If you know me, or know the music I listen to, you should know by now that I'm into a little bit of Hip Hop. One of the problems I have is all the new rappers that don't bring anything new to the table, like Snap music, or the Game or Gangsta rappers in general.

I have particular disdain for the one known as the Game. I have yet to hear a good track or freestyle come out of his disrespectful mouth. He calls himself the "Doctor's Advocate", yet he does not have a single Dr. Dre beat on his whole freakin' album. In short, he sucks at everything.

Which is why I was quite shocked to hear not one, but two good verses come out of his mouth. It gets a little more understandable when you hear that it's on a Nas album. I'm assuming that Nas helped him out a little bit.

I would post the lyrics, but apparently the album is too new, because none of the sights I frequent have the lyrics up yet