Saturday, December 29, 2012

Adelleda - 2012 - Let's Talk About Adelleda

Adelleda is a 5 piece punk band from Hamilton Ontario Canada. They play very melodic brand of street punk with just a hint of politics thrown into the mix. High energy, melodic punk rock is always welcome coming out of my speakers. Their first release was last years LP Herkimer Street. They followed it up this year with an EP, Let's Talk Bout Adelleda.

Adelleda have a nice variety in their music. Like on their debut LP,  instead of sticking squarely in one area of punk Let's Talk Bout Adellada moves around a little bit. There is always a ton of energy blasting you in the face but there is a shift from more straight forward punk, that is lots of melody in the singing and clear guitar solo sounds with just a hint of shouted background vocals to dirty stuff up, to closing the album out with an almost straight up hardcore track. Less diversity than on their full length debut but this EP is a solid followup.