Saturday, December 29, 2012

Adaje - 2012 - Yore Veils

Adaje where a screamo 3 piece from Memphis. They were active from 2006 to late 2012. They have released splits with bands like Close To Me, Shark Bait and Lizards Have Personalities. Yore Veils is their second LP and their final release. If you like screamo this should be right up your ally. Their first LP was a little too frantic for me, the transitions between the chords and the rapid pickings felt forced to for me but this LP, Yore Veils, is quite good.

The songs on Yore Veils are all fully formed and unique, Adaje has found their niche combing solid screamo with some progressive aspects that really allow the songs to breath. My favourite tracks are An Avalanche Of Broncos; Pending; To Become Corroded, Guided By The Light (great song and song titled) as well as Harrowing Sounds From The Ravine. Purchase the album on cassette from Broken World Media