Monday, March 13, 2017

Holycide - 2017 - Annihilate...Then Ask! (LP)

Holycide is a five piece thrash metal band from Madrid, Spain. Annihilate...Then Ask! is their debut LP courtesy of Xtreem Music. Members of Holycide have also played in Inntrance, Avulsed, Violent Eve & Dark Moor. From the opening moments of Afterworld Remants to the final thrashing moments of Back And Forth Holycide never let up for a moment. This is how I like my thrash metal, with a heavy dosing of speed metal to up the energy level even more.

Dave Rotten puts his gruff growl to great use while the dual guitars spew riffs and solo's in every direction. They cite Slayer and Testament among others as inspiration and do an excellent job of living up to those influences. Highlights include Eager To Take Control, Motorhead, Bonebreaker, Deserve To Be Erased and the title track. If you're looking for some speed infused thrash to bang your head to Holycide's Annihilate...Then Ask! will serve well.