Monday, March 06, 2017

Ad Christi Gloriam - 2017 - Ad Christi Gloriam (LP)

Ad Christi Gloriam is a black metal band from Nova Scotia, Canada. Ad Christi Gloriam is their debut LP. This band starts with a base of cold, old school sounding black metal and builds outwards. They self describe as "happy black metal screamo math rock prog metal hybrid weird fuckin thing" while others describe them as experimental blackgaze or simply avant garde black metal.

The base of the music is the icey guitars slashing through the air, the vocalist who sounds like a torture victim and pounding drums blasting at you that black metal is known for, then expanded with symphonic synths and a few melodic riffs. Ad Christi Gloriam is never satisfied to sit still in one genre or movement, each song has elements of many types of music but it always come back to the ice cold black metal. If you're looking for some experimental, avant-garde black metal Ad Christi Gloriam's Ad Christi Gloriam will serve well.