Friday, March 17, 2017

Seminary - 2017 - Automnymous (LP)

Seminary is a one man grindcore band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Automnymous is his latest LP. Seminary play grindcore with a technical metal edge. For the most part this straight ahead grindcore, fast to the point of obscenity, unintelligible screeched vocals and covered in distortion.

Every so often a hint of metal shines through, songs like Depth Of Shade and Parabolic Chains take a step out of the chaos towards intelligible riffing. There isn't much else to say here, if you like grindcore you will enjoy this. Highlights include Surfeit, Famile, Cur Eternal and the aforementioned Parabolic Chains & Depth Of Shade. If you're looking for some chaos with a metal edge Seminary's Automnymous will serve well.