Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dioxide Angel - 2017 - The Bitter Taste (LP)

Dioxide Angel is a industrial hard rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Bitter Taste is their latest LP. Dioxide Angel started in late 2015, evolving into a full band with the addition of a guitarist and vocalist. Don voz Oxide started with synth based, industrial hard rock tracks, lots of screaming synths and programmed drums going as hard as they can, reminding me of a more danceable Psyclon Nine. From there they add ex-Scum Runners guitar player Zack Hard on backing vocals and filling out the hard rock sound. With the addition of Nekawa (Juice) Evals and his eclectic vocal delivery you have the ingredients necessary for Dioxide Angel.

At their best Dioxide Angel provide hard hitting, hard rocking, danceable songs. Songs like Coke Whore and Noizemaker fill every little nook and cranny with sound while Evals delivers his vocals, ranging from menacing to jubilant and back again.  Other highlights include Victory Dance, Getting Away With Murder and Technophobia. If you're looking for some industrial rock that is both heavy and danceable Dioxide Angel's The Bitter Taste will work well.