Thursday, March 09, 2017

Culminated - 2017 - Ajna (EP)

Culminated is a four piece deathcore band from Mexico City, Mexico. Ajna is their sophomore release, following up 2012's Cenizas. Culminated play instrumental, technical, progressive deathcore with just a touch of djent citing Animals As Leaders & Meshuggah. With Psychosomatic Culminated come roaring out of the gate, the high energy song is packed to overflowing with riffs and solos.

Infinite is a slight step down, the riffs aren't quite as smooth but L.S.D (Lost Sacred Dimension) brings the energy back up with double bass pedals and melodic riffs while also expanding the sound with synth flourishes in the background. Hybrid Mind is another head banger overstuffed with riffs & solos while Outfinite chugs the ep to a close with more synths. I usually have no patience for instrumental metal, this is a rare EP that successfully commands attention without a lead singer. If you're looking for some djenty, technical & progressive deathcore Culminated's Ajna will serve well.