Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Pulse - 2017 - Aberration (LP)

Pulse is a deathcore band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Aberration is their debut EP recorded at the House Of Gain Studio. Pulse play an atmospheric brand of deathcore, giving the songs space to breathe and expand and fill your consciousness. Transparency takes it's time opening up the album, filling the space with post-rock guitars and burying the growled vocals back in the mix before things kick into hyperdrive.

 Burning Decades continues the high energy riff fest and Oculus strips away any fat leaving a lean, mean head banging anthem. Deity and Aberration close out the album bringing in more atmosphere to dilute the heaviness. This isn't the most consistent EP ever but it is a definite statement of intent, laying the groundwork for where Pulse might go next. If you're looking for some deathcore that knows how to let the songs breathe Pulse's Aberration will serve well.