Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Music Tuesday: Torche - 2015 - Restarter

Torche is a four piece metal band from Miami, Florida, USA. Restarter is their fourth LP.  Members of Torche have also played in Floor, Shitstorm, Tyranny of Shaw, Riddle of Steel and Tilts. Torche play a melodic brand of sludge influenced metal that also borrows from stoner and alt rock. My favourite Torche release before this was Songs For Singles, UFO was so damn catchy it didn't leave my head for months. This album, their first for Relapse is a return to both that and their heavier beginnings. This record seems to consist of two competing parts

Songs like Bishop In Arms, Loose Men, Undone, Blasted and Restarter have an up tempo, rolling feel to them that kicks things into overdrive while songs like Minnions, No Servants and Barrier Hammer just sit there noisily grinding half a riff into the dust. Songs like Annhiliation Affair and Believe It,  are solidly in the middle, I like em but but they lack the spark to really take off. Torche's Restarter is quite good but very uneven. The good parts are really good and I will continue coming back to them but the bad parts just drag and drive me away.